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Background and Our Technology

NFC(Near Field Communication)is a short-ranged wireless communication technology established by Philips, Nokia, Sony, and etc. The major applications of NFC include mobile payment, close-range data exchange, and so on. As the numbers of NFC-enabled smartphones and user increase sharply recently, NFC is becoming the dominant close-range payment technology. According to the data from IDATE, the market size of NFC will reach to 60 billions USD by 2018. The number of NFC payment users is projected to reach 516 millions by the year of 2019. As the NFC industry and mobile payment booms, smart devices which are represented by wearbles, smartcards, and IoTs become the hotest terminal-device for close-range payments.

NFC has two major functions: the close-range communication and the wireless power transfer. An example application that utilizes the two functions simultaneously is the gate card. However, NFC technology suffers from very limited capability of wireless transfer, and the need of large antennas. FusensMicro's TurboNFC technology provides industry-leading NFC energy harvesting capability and excellent communication performance, and is compatible to standard NFC interfaces. TurboNFC can boost the amount of harvested power by 10X, which greatly enhences the performance and stability of the devices that incoporate the technology. TurboNFC could play a key role in the next-gen NFC-enabled devices. The technology was critially acclaimed by attendees during the 
 Adventure Forum 2015 hosted by Infineon, where FusensMicro was invited as one of the three startups that represent mainland China. To protect our IPs, we have filed over a dozen Chinese patents, a handful of PCT patents, and a few US patents, which are sufficient to fend off most competitors.

FusensMicro's market of focus includes next-gen wearables, smartcards, and IoTs. With the help of innovative SW/HW architecture and cutting-edge development methods, FusensMicro provides IC products, consumer products, and solution packages to our partners and clients. FusensMicro has established strategic partnership with multiple leading companies in the market. Currently, FusensMicro is developing high-performance IC products based on their innovative TurboNFC technology. The TN21 series NFC energy harvesting IC has taped out and is currently being evaluated by our clients. In the meantime, our innovative consumer products based on TurboNFC are about to enter the market. Several of these products are truly unique. For example, our Touch n'Lock passive smartlock is the world's first battery-less smartlock product. Our AnyTag NFC smart tag is the world's first flexible battery-free Eink tag.  


Our Team

Our core team consists of post-doc researchers from renowned US universities and senior IC experts from China, who have 10+ years experience in R&D and management. The team members' past research and work experience include wireless technologies, IoTs, IC design, embedded systems, low-power networks, and energy harvesting. They have received multiple awards from various international conferences in recognition of their significant contribution to the areas of smart devices, NFC, wireless charging, wireless networking, smart sensing algorithms, and circuit design. Our R&D team is consisted of 20+ highly-experienced engineers and researchers, 40% of which own master or doctorate degrees.